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You don't have to say thanks for the llama, watch, or faves. I would rather get a topic starter as your comment though. Plus it will help us get to know each other better.

To see a to-list go here

IRL work schedule:
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 12:00 PM to ? (changes) pm




13. :iconcookie-mun: Go check out any of these characters.
Tons of characters for sale [MORE ADDED]Went through my adopted tumblr and found a ton more i dont want, ALL characters in THIS FOLDER are VERY cheap. Some are FREE.
Idk, just selling some characters I don't use anymore.

You can also ask about characters from here:

12.:icontotalconflagration: has a lot of adopts open. There are humanloids, cats, and ponies. Go check them out. The adopts are slowly being re-uploaded to there adopts account so keep an eye on :iconflights-adopts: I'm keeping both account icons since its still publicity of sorts.

11. :iconmaru-chan-an:
Due to her broken car, she is raising money to get it fixed. So far there are two options/payment amounts (keep in mind she is only accepting paypal at the moment). $5 (randomized adopt (with your choice of theme) and $10 (Custom). For more info
!!Special Customs!!Okay so my car keeps breaking omg haha I need money to fix it the parts I need are $90(for a shock spring) and $75(for breaks and break pads) 
Before you say *dont you have a job* yes I do but I earn minimum wage and only work around 30hrs
So this is going to be like an adopt kick starter to get my car fixed...
Everyone who donates $5 to me for my car will receive a randomized adopt (with your choice of theme) :star:
Anyone who donates $10 to me for my car will receive a custom adopt from me :star:
send all donations to :star: :star:
Adopt examples:

10. :iconkilala1148:
My friend is in need of money. So she has open up commissions go check them out. Please read the journal fully since there are some do's and don'ts of the type of things you might give her to draw or make.
Commission Information [IMPORTANT]Since the semester is well over and I still have no job, which is bad considering my situation, I’m deciding to open commissions. I’ve done a lot of debating on prices and such, since my old prices were really low and I wasn’t as confident as an artist.
So lets get down to it.
Prices for Digital Drawings:
• No color: $1
• Pencil coloring: $2
• Flat coloring: $3
Extra characters (Up to 3): $1 per extra
Backgrounds: $2 extra
I also offer full 10 inch x 10 inch non-colored sketch pages of up to 3 characters of your choice for $5
• Line art: $7
• Flat coloring: $10
• Color + Shading: $15
Extra characters (Up to 3): $4 per extra
Backgrounds (depends on category and difficulty): $5 - $10 extra

Line Art:

9. :iconmsartgarden:
(15pts ea) Seasonal Animal adopt-OPEN by MsArtGardenSprite Adoptables (OPEN) by MsArtGarden

8. :iconyuuike:
Tumblr giveaway! [OPEN] - EXTENDED!!EDIT: I’ve decided to extend the giveaway since I’m going on vacation in July and I’ll have a new batch of keychains by the time I come back! Sorry for the inconvenience~
Another giveaway! This one will be for my lovelies on Tumblr~!

The giveaway will end on AUGUST 24th, 2015

What are the prizes?

This ENTIRE SET of SNK keychains and bookmarks :iconzoominplz:
This giveaway will only be valid if it reaches 100 notes!
This is international and the winners will be chosen randomly. The winner has 48 hours to get back to me before I pick another one.

How do I enter?

1) Be a follower on Tumblr (I will be checking this after!)
2) Reblog this post! Likes don’t count >3< (You can do this as many times as you’d like, but plz don’t spam)
- You must b
Attack on titian key-chain and bookmarks giveaway. You must have a tumblr. The tumblr post hast to get 100 notes or else this won't be valid. Keep in mind that this giveaway if you win you have to be willing to giveaway your address so if you don't want to do that then it is better not to enter. AUGUST 24th, 2015

7. :iconkeimiu:
Charm Giveaway~ END DATE updated and EXTRA ENTRIESEDIT: This will end in August because I'm getting a new shipment of charms around then, so there'll be more for you guys to choose from! (Touken Ranbu, Pandora Hearts, and more~ :iconthegloryofplz:)
EDIT 2: I also added this giveaway to my instagram ---> link here
You can get an extra entry for GIVEAWAY #3 if you participate there too~

Guess who finally received all their charms lolol :iconomgcryplz: :iconyeahplz: 
To celebrate the opening of my STORENVY, I'll be doing a small giveaway~ Since not a lot of people voted on the poll and I wasn't sure what kinda giveaway you guys wanted, I'm just gonna do 3 separate ones: [1] Tokyo Ghoul, cuz it received the most votes from my watchers; [2] Noragami, cuz I'm planning on discontinuing the set (so in a way it's limited edition...?! xD); and [3] three charms of your choice!
Note: You may choose which
Keimiu's charms are separated into 3 giveaways. Keep in mind that you have to be willing to give away your address if you do win. Ends Aug. 21 2015

6. :iconmy-shows:
Adopts Set 1 (Open) by my-showsAdopts Set 2 (Open!) by my-shows Leftover Adopts Quick Sale by my-shows

Side note:
Sailor Moon Glitter Keychains by my-showsCardcaptor Sakura Keychains by my-shows

5. :iconclayfangirl:
Custom Adopts (open )Welp what can i say im bored so im going to open some slots for custom adopts only two slots will be free the other slots will have a price max will be 10 points 
1.- free:  :iconMMDShyLamb486:
2.- free:
You can send me a note with how you want the adopt 
Like the title says clayfangirl is doing custom adopts. She has 4 more open ones. The 2nd person to take a slot would have there for free BUT for the rest of the 3 people who goes afterwards the price is 10Points . If you want a free one you better comment fast.

4. :iconmissjollyollypop:
Adopts for Trade!
; v ; I have a bad habit of buying adopts and I have so many that i had plans and personalities for but theyre just not getting enough love like the rest are so Im letting them go to better homes.
Some I may let go for free, just ask, it wont hurt too.
but not many will I let go so easily so don't get offended if I say no.
You can only offer art
EXCEPT for the ones who have extra art, you can offer money/points ;; v ;;
so these ones
Waiting on:
- berrysquid
- cafevintage
- pupukichuu
She is wanting to get rid off some adopts she have gotten in the past so go check out this journal. Read what the journal says first.

3. :iconfateofartists:
Star Stripper Star Adoptable [SOLD] by FateofartistsMarble keeper commissions 3/3 [OPEN] by FateofartistsMarble Keeper Emerald Adopt [OPEN] by FateofartistsThank You sale [OPEN] 12/12 by Fateofartists

God Stone - Dragon's Eye Auction [OPEN] by Fateofartists

2. :icononyxmelodie:
Demonic Djinn Sands + OPEN + by Onyxmelodie

1. :iconika-hime:'s
Adopt7 (OPEN) by Ika-Hime

Journal will be updated as new one come up from friends. i'm going backwards since i think people would want to know the newer additions. Most of these would be adopts related but i might add commissions adverts and maybe other accessories.


양수빈 Yang Soo Bin

Oh also i'm okay if you fav and run.

About Me
Welcome to my page. You can call me Soo (pronounced like Sue). I don't mind how you spell it as. Ever since shugo chara,some people have spelled it Su/Suu.

My favorite animals are lambs and sheep. My last name actually translates to lamb in korean.

My favorite number is 143, 520, and 486, since all they represent love.

I am Korean. My English isn't that good so I might not understand you or spell things wrong. .

My favorite groups are groove over dose, nu'est and 2ne1.

I am a fan of Vocaloid. Seeu, flower, and Yukari are in my tops 3.

I'm more of an editor then a image maker. So the images I do are pretty quick.

I edit for fun so I might not get the right parts/make it accurate but still I'm having great time. I love playing dress up of different characters so if you say my edits looks bad I respect your opinion. My fashion is a little weird when it comes to my models.

1. What program to you use?
PMD/PMX editor, photofiltre, photoscape

2. What effects do you use?
The effects that i usaually use mostly are Adultshader, Autoluminous, Diffusion, o_diffusion, cheap lens, simple soft shadow, furshader, kira kira, o-selfoverlay, ssao, O_ssao, o_surplusfiltre, softlightHLshader+, Khef1, Khef2

3. Do you do commissions?
Currently no and I might never since I'm not a master of anything I do on this profile.

4. Is it okay for me to talk to you if your online?
What kind of a question is this? Of course you can. I love talking to people. New and already known of. I sometimes add myself as invisible BUT i am pretty much on here most of my life. I like to be invisible since i don't like being seen on people's last visited stuff.

5. Can I have "Insert Edit here"
My edits are badly rigged so I might just ignore request. So sorry about that. If you mean a model that has been removed or disconnected then I'm sorry I don't like to redistribute so sorry.

6. Why don't you use default lat eyes?
Well I don't mind the default eyes but the shugo chara eyes to me give a little more depth and more lively.

7.Why do you use lat as your base for your self model?
Even though I am 19 I have been told I look young for my age.

8. This character is named ____ why did you credit ___ instead.
When I do credits and get to the character part, I mean that the character is owned by that person not the name of the character?

9. Can i tag you in Journal Memes?
you can. tag me if you so wish. I only do journal meme's since i can't draw so i can't do those types of memes. Also if one of the rules are related to having to complete it in a week or a set time then please refrain from tagging me in those. Ones without that rule is fine with me. I like taking my time. I'm not a fan of chain letter type ones so if you was to give me one i'll mark it as hidden.

10. Why don't you place the credits with the Icons or dev?
Well I am pretty shy so i prefer not to be known to them since if you add the icons or dev it shows up in the mentions. Plus my edits are nothing special to be mentioned about.

11. Can i feature/submit your art to a group or journal or feature you in an way?
If you want to you can. I wouldn't call my art that great but if you want to feature go right on ahead.

any other questions ask me here

I thank everyone for visiting my page. I am so glad people are liking my MMD works. I am still a noob (or i still think so) so to see people actually commenting and favoring is really heartwarming. I am not sure how long i will do this this but for the time being thank you very much once again.

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