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About Deviant 양수빈 Yang Soo BinFemale/Unknown Groups :iconpikaknightsofmmd: PikaKnightsofMMD
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IRL work schedule:
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 12:00 PM to ? (changes) pm.

Announcement: I will be posting a download to another rummy pack at 900 (well if i ever reach that many that is) watchers. So sorry about the non-mmd users who watch me. I don't like leaving people behind.

Suggestion of Movies/Dramas:

To do list: Process of being organized.





:iconadventure-of-mmd: :iconedits-of-pmde-zone: :iconlatlovers: :iconpikaknightsofmmd:


Tried Nutella for the first time today. I'm kind of disapointed since everyone I talked to said it was the best thing ever. It's not bad but a let down.
Up: They say that it might take till monday becasue of reasons.

UP: Just came back from the re-pair shop. They say that it will be either done today or lunch the next day. Apparently they are doing a re-thermal and fan check. Hopfully they don't up the price. I'm currently using my mom's window 8 computer. I'm bored on this computer it doesn't have mmd on it.

cooling fan is getting old again (instead of getting an overheated message when i shut down I get glitches on the screen). So i may be a bit inactive for a few days. Sorry about that. Planning on getting a new one. However my mom is still offering me to get a new laptop instead (i'm still going to keep my old one though).


양수빈 Yang Soo Bin

About Me
Welcome to my page. You can call me Soo (pronounced like Sue).

I really love sheeps and lambs.

My favorite numbers are 143, 520, and 486

I am Korean. My English isn't that good so I might not understand you or spell things wrong. .

My favorite groups are groove over dose, nu'est and 2ne1.

I am a fan of Vocaloid. Seeu, flower, and Yukari are in my tops 3.

I'm more of an editor then a image maker. So the images I do are pretty quick. I edit just for fun so I don't always get the right details.

1. What program to you use?
PMD/PMX editor, photofiltre, photoscape

2. What effects do you use?
The effects that i usally use are Adultshader, Autoluminous, Diffusion, o_diffusion, cheap lens, simple soft shadow, furshader, kira kira, o-selfoverlay, ssao, O_ssao, o_surplusfiltre, softlightHLshader+, Khef1, Khef2

3. Do you do commissions?
Currently no and I might never since I'm not a master of anything I do on this profile.

4. Is it okay for me to talk to you if your online?
You surely can.

5. Can I have "Insert Edit here"
My older edits are badly rigged so I'm sorry but you can't. If you mean a model that has been removed or disconnected that was made by someone else then I'm sorry I don't like to redistribute.

6. Why don't you use default lat eyes?
Well I don't mind the default eyes but the shugo chara eyes to me give a little more depth and more lively.

7.Why do you use lat as your base for your self model?
Even though I am 19 I have been told I look young for my age.

8. This character is named ____ why did you credit ___ instead.
When I do credits and get to the character part, I mean that the character is owned by that person not the name of the character?

9. Can i tag you in in Memes?
you can tag me if you so wish BUT only on journal ones.

10. Why don't you place the credits with the Icons or dev?
Well I am pretty shy so i prefer not to be known to them since if you add the icons or dev it shows up in the mentions. Plus my edits are nothing special to be mentioned about.

11. Can i feature/submit your art to a group or journal or feature you in an way?
If you want to you can. I wouldn't call my art that great but if you want to feature go right on ahead.

12. Are you no longer doing lat edits?
Well I think I will do them from time to time but I wanted to experiment on another base this year.

13. Can you feature my adopts, contest, product, ect on your journal?
I don't mind adding you but you must ask me first since if you are to advertise on my profile without telling me what to do I'm just thinking you are just advertising and won't add you to my journal.

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MMDShyLamb486 has started a donation pool!
7 / 100
Donate only if you want to (even 1PT is okay in my book). After all I can't force you to do so.

(1) 10 (maybe 15 if i like the results of the first 2)
(2) 6

Balance: 67

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