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Because of life i can't upload a picture yet of the 600th mmd watcher thing so here is a link instead
The pass hint is in the read me (as well as the rules). it is pretty simple. A simple google search would do.…
Has rummy edits of Luna, ca, Sol, Raina, future rin, and brs
Keep in mind these where voted. I figured i'll release them even with the glitches since i love you guys.

Future references:

You don't have to say thanks for the llama, watch, or faves but if you want to you can. I would rather get a topic starter though (i suck at topic starters). I love talking to new people.

You can wish me a happy birthday on my birthday (march 25). However I prefer you guys don't make me anything A simple wish/congratulation is fine with me.

I'm a fan of art in general so I will watch you even if you do non mmd work or stopped doing so.


Gif found on tumblr, Power rangers.

i have always been a fan of Yoshi and power rangers so this is a match made in heaven for me.


:iconadventure-of-mmd: :iconedits-of-pmde-zone: :iconlatlovers: :iconpikaknightsofmmd:


:iconfateofartists: Fate makes so many beautiful adopts. She also has a lot of may event line ups. I'm sure you will love fates art. She does do commissions as well. Go check her out if you haven't. Since fate is a friend. I will tend to update this journal from time to time.

since adopts can close at any moment, i'll only post the non adopt ones on this journal. Plus it kind of makes you have to got to her profile to look at the adopts.
Mina my OC by Fateofartistsquick color concept sheet by FateofartistsMina and Lime by FateofartistsThe reveal by FateofartistsAll The Colors by Fateofartists

Side note:
Fate also has 2 bases up for sale.
P2U Genderless Base by Fateofartists20 points andP2U Peace Base by Fateofartists10 points.
i tried to have a creative name but failed. if your asking me why its name this go to rule 12.

Tagged by :iconsoulchameleon:

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about them
3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer
4. Choose 13 people.                                                
5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged                            
6. Not something like " you are tagged if you read that"
7. You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
8. You can't say that you don't do tags.
9. Tag-backs are ALLOWED
10. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
11. You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.
12. Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.
13. Cussing is ALLOWED

Facts about me (I'm going to repeat some things form my older ones since it doesn't say they have to be new)
1. When i found out about the word emo i thought people was saying the Korean word for aunt/ma'am.
2. i am looking forward to watch orange marmalade. I read the comic and i just loved it.
3. My friend joke about my luck this year due to it being the year of the goat/sheep. I'm not a goat/sheep/ram in my Chinese zodiac. i am an Aries which is a ram if i recall right.  
4. i want to call everyone oppa and unnie even if they might be younger then me.
5. i suck at making characters names.
6. i just finished watching angry mom this week. I want more.
7. I'm weak to cuteness and fluff.
8. because I'm watching a video at the moment of doing this tag, i have a craving for pizza
9. i recently got addicted to watching a show called safety first. mom says that i only cried as a baby when my mom wasn't in the room.
11. I actually like the new Hamburglar.
12. i almost thought about giving up on writing all 13 facts at this point.
13. i don't understand vine or twitter.

FYI, i don't like seeing too many swiggly red lines so i changed the spelling of favorite. I know that in different places its both correct/spelled differently. I just don't like seeing too many red lines since it make me feel like being back in kindergarten. Yeah spelling and I don't go well even to this day.

Top 3 favorite anime?:
my tops depend on my mood so it changes.

Top 3 favorite video games?:
I don't play video games that much. I do love reading about/watching about theories based on them though.

Top 3 favorite movies?:
go watched these if you haven't

white the melody of the curse
yobi the five tail fox
Il Mare. If you guys watched the lake house then you would like this sense the lake house is a remake of il mare

Top 3 favorite TV shows?:
I'll just list the ones i like at the moment that re in my tops
once upon a time

Favorite song?:
Mostly k-pop. Due to my bias being Ren, i'll say any nu'est song is on my top pority.

Favorite book?:
i loved the ingo series,  skulduggery pleasant series, and the howls moving castle related ones. I havne't read them in a long time so i forgot

Favorite colour?:
I like them all but if had to pick i guess blue.

Favorite food?:
Anything spicy. The spicier the better.

Favorite drink?:

Favorite activity/hobby?:
MMD, sleeping, helping out my parents and i guess living in general. I'm too simple of a girl aren't I.

Favorite character of all time from any movie, game, anime, show, etc.?:
Kumiko/Yankumi, Jo Gang-Ja and usagi tsukino (just cause she was my idol growing up)
Anyone who knows these arleady without googling them you are amazing.

Favorite artist on DeviantArt?:
i don't like listing favs related to people on da since i feel bad if i left out someone.

Favorite artist irl?:
I guess huke. IDK.

i got permission from soul to not tag since soul understands my stance on liking being tagged but not tagging ohers.


양수빈 Yang Soo Bin

Oh also i'm okay if you fav and run.

About Me
Welcome to my page. You can call me Soo (pronounced like Sue). I don't mind how you spell it as. Ever since shugo chara,some people have spelled it Su/Suu.

My favorite animals are lambs and sheep. My last name actually translates to lamb in korean.

My favorite number is 143, 520, and 486, since all they represent love.

I am Korean. My English isn't that good so I might not understand you or spell things wrong. .

My favorite groups are groove over dose, nu'est and 2ne1.

I am a fan of Vocaloid. Seeu, Miku, and Yukari are in my tops.

I'm more of an editor then a image maker. So the images I do are pretty quick.

I edit for fun so I might not get the right parts/make it accurate but still I'm having great time. I love playing dress up of different characters so if you say my edits looks bad I respect your opinion. My fashion is a little weird when it comes to my models.

1. What program to you use?
PMD/PMX editor, photofiltre, photoscape

2. What effects do you use?
The effects that i usaually use mostly are Adultshader, Autoluminous, Diffusion, o_diffusion, cheap lens, simple soft shadow, furshader, kira kira, o-selfoverlay, ssao, O_ssao, o_surplusfiltre, softlightHLshader+, Khef1, Khef2

3. Do you do commissions?
Currently no and I might never since I'm not a master of anything I do on this profile.

4. Is it okay for me to talk to you if your online?
What kind of a question is this? Of course you can. I love talking to people. New and already known of. I sometimes add myself as invisible BUT i am pretty much on here most of my life. I like to be invisible since i don't like being seen on people's last visited stuff.

5. Can I have "Insert Edit here"
My edits are badly rigged so I might just ignore request. So sorry about that. If you mean a model that has been removed or disconnected then I'm sorry I don't like to redistribute so sorry.

6. Why don't you use default lat eyes?
Well I don't mind the default eyes but the shugo chara eyes to me give a little more depth and more lively.

7.Why do you use lat as your base for your self model?
Even though I am 19 I have been told I look young for my age.

8. This character is named ____ why did you credit ___ instead.
When I do credits and get to the character part, I mean that the character is owned by that person not the name of the character?

9. Can i tag you in Journal Memes?
you can. tag me if you so wish. I only do journal meme's since i can't draw so i can't do those types of memes. Also if one of the rules are related to having to complete it in a week or a set time then please refrain from tagging me in those. Ones without that rule is fine with me. I like taking my time. I'm not a fan of chain letter type ones so if you was to give me one i'll mark it as spam. So sorry about this.

10. Why don't you place the credits with the Icons or dev?
Well I am pretty shy so i prefer not to be known to them since if you add the icons or dev it shows up in the mentions. Plus my edits are nothing special to be mentioned about.

11. Can i feature/submit your art to a group or journal or feature you in an way?
If you want to you can. I wouldn't call my art that great but if you want to feature go right on ahead.

any other questions ask me here

I thank everyone for visiting my page. I am so glad people are liking my MMD works. I am still a noob (or i still think so) so to see people actually commenting and favoring is really heartwarming. I am not sure how long i will do this this but for the time being thank you very much once again.

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MMDShyLamb486 has started a donation pool!
262 / 300
I would love it if you could donate but that is your choice if want to or not. Even one point is fine with me.

Note to self 30

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