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Llama Emoji-56 (Hiding) [V3] by JerikutoAnyone who is visiting my profile to thank me for a watch, fave or llama you don't have to say thanks. If you want to you can. However I would love for you to say thanks as well as a topic starter or how are you or something (if you are going to). I really like to know people better. I'm really bad at starting topics/being the first one to speak up. English isn't my first language so so sorry for any mistakes.

Future references:
You can wish me a happy birthday on my birthday (march 25). However I prefer you guys don't make me anything (if you guys where planing on to). I'm the type that prefers not to get anything. A simple wish/congratulation is fine with me.

I don't always watch people for MMD.

I'm a fan of 3d in general so I will watch you even if you do non mmd work.

FYI: I am not really friends with that many of the people in my friend list. The only reason why i am keeping it is because one time i couldn't log back in to this account so i had to re-watch people but i didn't keep the friends thing on so i missed a few people to re-watch/didn't know who to re-watch. I managed to log back onto this account but just in case i am keeping the friends thing in case it happens again that way i at least have a list of people to re-watch again.


Gif found on tumblr, Power rangers.

i have always been a fan of Yoshi and power rangers so this is a match made in heaven for me.


:iconmmd-idolacademy: :iconadventure-of-mmd: :iconedits-of-pmde-zone: :iconlatlovers:



I was tagged a long time ago by :iconmmdandtrainz96: a long time ago (December 12th) so i'm going to do both :iconmmdandtrainz96: and :iconmmdanimatio357: in this journal. So in other words a long journal.


1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 things about them.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will need to answer.
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5. Go to their page and inform them that they've been tagged.
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read this".
7. You have to legitimately tag, at least, 3 people.
8. No tag backs.
9. You cannot say that you do not do tags. Fine I won't say it. Plus people break this rule anyway even when its in the rules so I'm going to break rules. Since i'm doing both at once i'm only going to do 10 facts and not 20 since I can't think of 20 Plus trust me 10 will feel like a essay and 20 would be like forever to read.
10. YOU MAY MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you are commenting about the actual entry.


Ten Things about Me:

1.) Even though I grow older I still watch kids stuff (for example barbie and stuff). In fact right now I'm watching the barbie princess power soaring official music video since i was checking my YouTube subscriptions. Personally even though people say the animation is going down I still like it since I usually come for the story line. To me as long as the story line is interesting then I don't really care how it looks like or sound like.  Plus people always say in the trailers and music videos on stuff that it sucks but once they see the actual movie there like "THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER or something like that". I try not to judge before looking at the full thing.
2.) My current k-pop bias is Ren/Min Ki from Nu'est. What can I say i find flower boys are cute in my opinion. Ren is one of the few of my bias that doesn't have Tae in there names. My other bias tend to have Tae in the names. Like Kim Tae Woo, Tae Yang, Taemin. However Min might be my 2nd favorite since MIN ki and TaeMIN. As for last names I think i enjoy Yang like my own name since I'm watching the human condition and two of my favorite members is sanguk and taeho. THERE GOES ANOTHER TAE. Because of Taeho I want a large brownie plushie (i know that skit is old but come on brownie is cute).
3.) I have never wore make-up in my life. I just don't like being weighted down and having things on my face since it tickles me for some reason
4.)   My facts about myself tends to become a big paragraph or more then a sentence. I think I talk to much. Which I should stop doing since that means there will be so many spell check errors and such even though i make sure to double check stuff.
5.)   I tend to wear stripe shirts in casual wear. I don't know how many colors I have at the moment.
6.)  The first thing I check on YouTube is if justkiddingnews have uploaded something new. The make the news sound fun and sometimes weird. I like listening to other people's opinions so I love channels that tells the news.
7.)  I prefer doing recolors then actual edits since I get bored easily and I'm lazy. Plus its fun to challenge textures.
8.)  I like investigation shows. Stuff like forensic files and datelines. Maybe its cause I like science to extent.
9.)  furbies, cabbage patch kids, and Teddy ruxpin scare me. I don't know why but they do. At the moment of this fact typing I was watching Wacky Wednesday's 20 childhood toys that are now worth a fortune so that is the reason why these toys came to mind.
10.)  Strawberry shortcake reminds me of kimchi dumplings and vice versa... I blame the popular hat that her original design had. i enjoy all of her designs by the way. i wonder if i should edit based on her. I need inspiration anyway.


The Questions: :iconmmdandtrainz96:
1. What is a legal drug that comes in bottles?
I don't know that much about drugs.
2. how many fingers?
Well I have 10.
3. look up, what do you see?
My room has a mirror. So I would have to say a mirror
4. What am I?
What ever you want to be to be.
5. Whats warm, bubbly and scratches the window before imploding?
Is that supposed to scare me?
7. opinion on FNAF2?
I don't find the games scary at all but I can see why people might like it
8. Favourite browser?
i only use chrome or firefox
9. on a scale of 1-10, how irrelevant was the last question?
10. Knock knock
I have bad hearing so it might take at least 5 for me to hear it.
The Questions: :iconmmdanimatio357:

My Questions to You:

1.) Do you like MMDAnimatio357?
2.) Favourite anime/manga series? Why?
there are so many to list so I won't. I mean true there is that website that i can list anime that you watched but I'm lazy.
3.) If I told you I love you, how would you react?
That is good. I make sure to say I love you to people even though i might not know them since it might help then feel wanted. I have a habit of saying I love you instead of bye in calls even though it might be weird to them. I make sure to say it ever time my family goes out to work since if they were to die then I won't have regrets that I didn't say that I love them. I'm a bad explainer so sorry if you didn't understand me
4.) What do you think of humans?
I find some (not all) self adsorbed and a little dysfunctional. I know we are not perfect but i still have to admit we do a lot of bad things. That is the reason why I like watching positive things on the news and such.
5.) What do you think of school?
Extremely hard
6.) What is your favorite VN(Visual Novel)?
I don't have a favorite. I am addicted to high school story and hollywood U at the moment though. It is sort of like a visual novel the way they talk and stuff plus you choose the path sometimes. However i guess it doesn't really count as a visual novel. I don't know.
7.) Have you retained before?
What does retained mean? If you mean in a school sense then no I wasn't pulled back a grade
8.) Cocoa? or Coffee?
Why not both. If i really had to pick then Cocoa I guess. i only like coffee with a lot of sugar. I don't care if it is hot or iced (although iced is really refreshing). In a unrelated note what does nutella taste like. I never tried it before.
9.) Virtual world or real world?
Virtual world. I enjoy the fantasy elements virtual worlds might have.
10.) If the nervegear/Amusphere was created in your country and only one person can have it, what will you do?
i don't need it. so i'll pass. I only watched the 1st half of the 2nd season of sword art online  since i enjoy long hair on a guys (Like I said above I find flower boys cute). I think I enjoy flower boys compared to other people is since I'm part of the culture. Not saying you have to be in the culture to like flower boys.


양수빈 Yang Soo Bin
More Random video (just cus i think my profile is empty)!!

About Me
Welcome to my page. You can call me Soo (pronounced like Sue). I don't mind how you spell it as. Ever since shugo chara,some people have spelled it Su/Suu.

My favorite animals are lambs and sheep. My last name actually means sheep.

My favorite number is 143, 520, and 486, since they are loveable numbers. If anyone gets why you guys are awesome.

I am Korean. My English isn't that good so I might not understand you or spell things wrong.

My favorite childhood boy group was groove over dose (it still is). The more modern ones i like is nu'est. Ren is so cute. I find flower boys adorable.
For girl bands I like 2ne1. I like there style. Plus add to the fact that to many groups act girly and cute which gets boring after a while. Not that I don't like them.

I am a fan of Vocaloid. Seeu, Miku, and Yukari are in my tops.

I'm more of an editor then a image maker. So the images I do are pretty quick.

I edit for fun so I might not get the right parts/make it accurate but still I'm having great time. I love playing dress up of different characters so if you say my edits looks bad I respect your opinion.

1. What program to you use?
MMD/mikumikudance, MMM/Miku Miku Moving
PMD/PMX editor, photofiltre, photoscape

2. What effects do you use?
The effects that i usaually use mostly are Adultshader, Autoluminous, Diffusion, o_diffusion, cheap lens, simple soft shadow, furshader, kira kira, o-selfoverlay, ssao, O_ssao, o_surplusfiltre, softlightHLshader+, Khef1, Khef2

3. Do you do commissions?
Currently no and I might never since I'm not a master of anything I do on this profile.

4. Is it okay for me to talk to you if your online?
What kind of a question is this? Of course you can. I love talking to people. New and already known of. I sometimes add myself as invisible BUT i am pretty much on here most of my life.

5. Can I have "Insert Edit here"
My edits are badly rigged so I might just ignore request. So sorry about that. If you mean a model that has been removed or disconnected then I'm sorry I don't like to redistribute so sorry.

6. Why don't you use default lat eyes?
Well I don't mind the default eyes but the shugo chara eyes to me give a little more depth and more lively.

7.Why do you use lat as your base for your self model?
Even though I am 18 I have been told I look young for my age.

8. This character is named ____ why did you credit ___ instead.
When I do credits and get to the character part, I mean that the character is owned by that person not the name of the character?

9. Can i tag you in Journal Memes?
you can. tag me if you so wish. I only do journal meme's since i can't draw so i can't do those types of memes. I'm not a fan of chain letter type ones so if you was to give me one i'll mark it as spam. So sorry about this.

Give A Llama to Get A Llama by RuthlessDreams
I have given one to each person who gave one to me so far. I help out at my family's store so I might not be fast on ever other day but i will make sure to give you one in return when I get off of work. Lamb's honor.

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if you want to donate points to show support you can. Even if it is one point it is fine with me. I'm not picky.

I'm not raising for a PM. I had two in my life time but I didn't use it that much. So i wouldn't want to be girted with a PM. Now a days I usually use my points to get adopts (you know this box is supposed to make you want to donate points but i think i did the opposite).

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