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Tagged by:  :iconmmdanimatio357:

1. Put Your iTunes, Windows Media Player, Frostwire, etc. on Shuffle (I'll use random number generator on YouTube since my YouTube doesn't like me).
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name (i don't want to put them in brackets).
5. Tag whoever you want (sweet this means i don't have to tag anyone then).

I have multiple playlist on YouTube so I'll go with my Korean playlist (if you guys want me to do it with my Japanese and Vocaloid songs then I'll do another one). Due to ending my answers with a question mark I feel like I'm answering a Jeopardy game. Keep in mind that my interpretation of the song might be different from what you might get.

How would you describe yourself?
After School - WHEN I FALL
That I'm a girl who wants to have a love at first sight and will do anything for that person to accept my feelings?

What do you like in a guy/girl?:
Pink Dolls - White  
So I want a guy that avoids me like I have no hope, but I'll do whatever it takes to make the relationship be more passionate?

How do you feel today?:
5dolls (This and That)
From the title only I guess I'm feeling multiple things today. From the lyrics I guess I'm feeling pretty mad my lover is seeing another girl

What is life's purpose?:
mad clown yozoh– chocolate cherry night
To find love?

What is your motto?:
Secret - Love is Move
Be good when you have it?

What do your friends think of you?:
 NS Yoon-G- Wifey

What do you think of your parents?:
4Minute -  Hot Issue
That I should research what happen with my parents since they are a hot topic?

What do you think about very often?:
G.Na- (I'll Back Off so You can Live Better)  
That I'll do anything so you can live better even though it means that I will have to leave?

What is 2 + 2?:
Leessang ft Jung In - The Girl Who Can’t Say Goodbye, the Boy Who Can’t Leave
So 2 and 2 have a complicated relationship so I can't answer this question.

What do you think of your best friend?:
Gemini - Only I Didn’t Know
So I thought our friendship would last forever but apparently I was stupid since apparent it won't work out, however I'm still hoping that we will come back together. Why did it land on this song?

What do you think of the person you like?:
Taeyang - Wedding Dress  
So this means that i'm in love with a guy who got married to another girl? NOOOOOO

What is your life story?:
 Jonghyun - She  
Doesn't match me at all. Well I guess its a matter of opinion i suppose.

What do you want to be when you grow up?:
Hari- Gwiyomi
I want to have a boyfriend who only loves me and me alone and I'll be pretty bad with math. I guess this matches me just a bit. I keep thinking of that gag concert skit under the name of why we don't need men.

What do you think of when you see the person you like?:
Yumi - Star  
That I'll treasure them deeply in my heart and think of all the happy memory I had with them. For some reason I keep thinking of myself being rejected because of these lyrics.

What will you dance to at your wedding?:
 Lizzy - Not an easy girl
I have no idea how this one fits.

What will they play at your funeral?:
Clazziquai - She Is  
That someone has feeling for me that they will open up when i'm dead/too late?

What is your hobby/interest?:
So my hobby is lying. So not true.

What is your biggest fear?:
After School - Because of You  
I'm afraid of facing pain alone/having a broken heart?

What is your biggest secret?:
Donghae & Eunhyuk - 떴다 오빠 (Oppa, Oppa)
So I'm a secretly a well known play girl? That doesn't match me at all or is that just what I want you to think.

What do you think of your friends?:
[god] Saturday Night
So my friends are a crazy fun bunch who loves to hang up on Saturday nights and don't care what other people say about us when we are having fun?
14. :iconerynnia: Has a lot of open outfit adopts go check them out. All of these are 10Pts each (however keep in mind that the price may change depending on if they sale or not). BTW Erynnia will be offline for Aug 10-14 due to a camping trip.
Outfit Adopts [OPEN] by ErynniaOutfit Adopts Batch 2 [OPEN] by ErynniaOutfit Adoptables Batch 3 [OPEN] by Erynnia

The custom spots on this one is open (15pt). There are multiple slots and will forever be open (well maybe).
Flower Outfit RAFFLE [CLOSED] by ErynniaKeep in mind that the first 2 outfits are already taken/given away.

if you want to get a drawing of your character with an instrument then you can get it for 50pt here.
Music Outfits RAFFLE [CLOSED] by ErynniaKeep in mind that the first 2 outfits are already taken/given away.

12. :iconaleksandrbby: is giving away some old characters that where adopted in the past (old accounts). Go check them out. The ones left are mostly animals and sonic characters (a few regular humans but not as much) so if you are interested go visit this journal
.:Free Characters!:.
A bunch of characters I've probably never used and never will use. If they don't get taken, they'll get tossed so please, take as many as you want!
First come, first served! Most of them are adopts so yes, there's only ONE picture of them, don't ask for another!
Also advertise these to your friends or something because I WANT THEM ALL GONE!
Comment down below with the numbers of whatever character(s) you want!


11. :iconcookies-milk: Go check out her MLP commissions. Cookie can only work on the weekends so you have to be willing to wait.
Range: 3pt or 10pt
CHEAP MLP COMMISSIONS (closed)I really need points right now so I gonna just open commissions! So uh yeah and they gonna be really cheap. 
MLP Custom!

Cost : 3 :points: for each custom 
Colour of Body:
Colour of eyes :
Hair main style :
Colour of hair :
MLP Ref sheet custom
Cost : 10 :points:
Colour of body:
Colour of eyes :
Hair main style :
Colour of Hair:
Baby/foal MLP Customs!
Cost 3 :points:
(Will do 5 baby foals)


10. :icontoastedtoast15: Look at all these left open adopts. Most if not all are 5pt. Keep in mind that some have limits on how many you can buy. If you check Toast's profile there are plenty more open ones. Make sure to check if the one you want is open or not before posting a comment.
Foal Adoptables 2 by ToastedToast15Photo Foal Adoptables 2 by ToastedToast15Photo Foal Adoptables by ToastedToast15Photo Foal Adoptables 3 - Martha's Vineyard Houses by ToastedToast15

9. My friend is hosting a draw her OC contest. Its split into 3 categories. Go check it out.
Draw My OCs CompetitionRibbon 01 Ribbon 01 Ribbon 01 Ribbon 01 Ribbon 01 Ribbon 01 Draw My OC Competition Ribbon 01 Ribbon 01 Ribbon 01 Ribbon 01   
I have lots of OCs and very few images of each
So I'm hosting a competition 
You can draw any amount of my OCs
Ends 10/12/2015
I'll split the competition into three categories so it's more fair

8. :iconflights-adopts:  A lot of adopts open i'm just listing a few that has caught my eye.
[OPEN] ADOPTABLE - 10 points by Flights-Adopts(10pt)     [OPEN] SALE ADOPTABLE - 60 points by Flights-Adopts (80pt)

6. :iconmsartgarden:
(15pts ea) Seasonal Animal adopt-OPEN by MsArtGarden15 pts each
Sprite Adoptables (OPEN) by MsArtGarden$3 or 300 points. 5 is already sold.

3. :iconmy-shows: Some open adopts below.
Adopts Set 1 (Open) by my-showsAdopts Set 2 (Open!) by my-shows Leftover Adopts Quick Sale by my-shows
My show also have some key-chains for sale so please check them out as well.

2. :iconfateofartists:
<da:thumb id="544341975"/>

God Stone - Dragon's Eye Auction [OPEN] by Fateofartists

1. :iconika-hime:'s
Adopt7 (OPEN) by Ika-Hime500PT or $5 each. Number 1 is taken. It was a custom so sorry about it being taken already.

Journal will be updated as new one come up from friends. i'm going backwards since i think people would want to know the newer additions. Most of these would be adopts related but i might add commissions adverts and maybe other accessories.
:iconfateofartists: Fate makes so many beautiful adopts. She also has a lot of may event line ups. I'm sure you will love fates art. She does do commissions as well. Go check her out if you haven't. Since fate is a friend. I will tend to update this journal from time to time.

since adopts can close at any moment, i'll only post the non adopt ones on this journal. Plus it kind of makes you have to got to her profile to look at the adopts.
Mina my OC by Fateofartistsquick color concept sheet by FateofartistsMina and Lime by FateofartistsThe reveal by FateofartistsAll The Colors by Fateofartists

Side note:
Fate also has 3 bases up for sale.
<da:thumb id="530297848"/>10 points
P2U Genderless Base by Fateofartists10 points
Curvy Base Adopt P2U by Fateofartists50 points
She worked really hard on the 50 point one. This one my favorite so far due to all the extras.


양수빈 Yang Soo Bin

Q and A
1. What program to you use?
PMD/PMX editor, photofiltre, photoscape

2. What effects do you use?
The effects that i usally use are Adultshader, Autoluminous, Diffusion, o_diffusion, cheap lens, simple soft shadow, furshader, kira kira, o-selfoverlay, ssao, O_ssao, o_surplusfiltre, softlightHLshader+, Khef1, Khef2

3. Do you do commissions?
Currently no and I might never since I'm not a master of anything I do on this profile.

4. Is it okay for me to talk to you if your online?
You surely can. Usually i put my self as invisible but feel free to leave comment.

5. Can I have "Insert Edit here"
My older edits are badly rigged so I'm sorry but you can't. If you mean a model that has been removed or disconnected that was made by someone else then I'm sorry I don't like to redistribute.

6. This character is named ____ why did you credit ___ instead.
When I do credits and get to the character part, I mean that the character is owned by that person not the name of the character?

7. Can i tag you in in journal Memes?
you can BUT I perfer to be tagged in ones that aren't the question and answer type. Ones in which you put an X in the [] are okay with me or unique ones like the music name tag are find with me.

8. Why don't you place the credits with the Icons or dev?
Well I am pretty shy so i prefer not to be known to them since if you add the icons or dev it shows up in the mentions. Plus my edits are nothing special to be mentioned about.

9. Can i feature/submit your art to a group or journal or feature you in an way?
If you want to you can. I wouldn't call my art that great but if you want to feature go right on ahead.

10. Are you no longer doing lat edits?
Well I think I will do them from time to time but I wanted to experiment on another base this year.

11. Can you feature my adopts, contest, product, ect on your journal?
I don't mind adding you but you must ask me first since if you are to advertise on my profile without telling me what to do I'm just thinking you are just advertising and won't add you to my journal.

AdCast - Ads from the Community


MMDShyLamb486 has started a donation pool!
193 / 246
To show support you can donate some spare points (only if you want to).

(1) 15 (waiting till to do list is less full to give final order)

0/60 to reach 100 pts.
I usually use my points to buy commissions from people, getting designs that will be the reference to the models I might edit, and to support my friends (and random people of MY choosing).

You must be logged in to donate.


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